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Greg and his staff were very helpful and very patient while I was in the process of waiting for my insurance check to arrive. Greg and his team put the vehicle I wanted on hold for me for almost 4 weeks. I was very impressed with the quality of customer service.

Alena Welch

I bought a Honda Odyssey from Greg about a month ago and had a really good experience. It was an easy process and the car has been great.

Adam Steere

Utah Car and Truck is a great place to buy a car. I have personally bought 3 cars from Greg over the past few years, and he has always been great to work with. He makes sure you are getting the best deal possible, he is flexible with his schedule, and he is so honest. He's really fun to do business with and he's a friendly guy all around. Don't listen to the negative about this guy! If he's not at his office, or you aren't happy with the service, just give him a call! He will work with you! I've never met a busier guy, but somehow he always manages to make time for you. He's a hard worker and a great salesman! Utah Car and Truck is a really good local used car dealership!

Kaden Rogers

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